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Ivy Cottage, Wicks Lane, Forward Green, Stowmarket, IP14 5HL

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One to One Coaching

Our individual coaching option is the most popular option as players consistently see critical gains through each lesson. Each cricketer’s individual preparation efforts can have a major impact on their short- and long-term achievement and ultimately, their side’s performances. All sessions are 60 minutes long and tailored to the individual’s needs. We deliver a host of technical coaching and scenario work and, when applicable, these are all aided by constant video analysis.

Small Group Coaching

Group Coaching

A six-to-one ratio for players that develop in a more relaxed environment whilst enjoying being surrounded by friends. Our focus remains consistent with the above to; improving the individuals’ fundamental skills first and then branching out to the scenario elements of the game. These sessions are 1hr 30 long.

This follows a similar model as the one-to-one coaching but based on a three-to-one environment. Here players get to compete against each other as well as intervention work with their coach in between. This is a fantastic option through pre-season and gives each player the perfect opportunity to embed fundamental technical work.

Holiday Clinics

A variety of holiday coaching available to players aged 7 to 13 years old. A full clinic day runs from 09:30 to 15:30 with an early drop off and late pick up option available. Coaching is in ratios of 10 to a coach and each participant receives a free t-shirt.

Schools & Clubs

These programmes can range from small group to large group coaching and cover all aspects of the organisation’s requirements. Whether you want a specialist session delivered in a specific area of the game or just another voice repeating the schools cricketing mantra. The Andy Northcote Cricket Academy matches your needs under seminars, short- or long-term contracts.

Coach Education

These are delivered by Andy Northcote and assisted, by further professionals when required. A perfect coaching inset for staff wanting to upskill and deliver cricket. These range from the complete beginner and how to coach through basic games right the way through detailed analytical performance coaching.

Cricket Consultancy

Is your organisation looking to implement a new cricket programme or structure? With our extensive knowledge base, experiences and resources we are able to provide detailed options that will work for your organisation and the implication of each option within. Andy and the team have implemented a number of programmes in Dublin, Cape Town and now Suffolk in Schools, Clubs and National Counties so sits perfectly placed to advise you.