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Im in Brussels visiting my brother, and best mate, Nic. 7km through the city and forrest. It is so good to see him and his partner. She's a cracker of a person too. Deep, loving conversations this week with lots of work, exercise and good food.

The run itself was eye opening. Little Baggio (aka Nic) is way fitter than I. If I was on my own I would have given up after 3km but because you running mate once to keep going, you dig deeper and deeper. Ended up being the quickest per mile run I have had and the furthest in months. Buzzing!!!!

Now the photo has a story of course! Whilst running behind Nic, I tried to take a photo capturing the night sky, lights and him however I dropped my phone and on the catch ended up taking the photo! Madness personified.

8 days | 8 runs | 18.2 miles covered

#suffolkmind #brussels #loverunning

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