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eCOACH is an e-learning system that allows clients to be coached by the Andy Northcote Cricket Academy remotely.


This is an ideal platform for two very different sectors; firstly for organisations to use where they have general coaches but not specialists. Our team feedback what we see and clients (coaches or players) work on the suggested areas until they are ready to progress. Secondly, for those clients that train regularly but don’t have access to formal coaching e.g. the father and son combination.


Our introductory offer is for clients to load two specific videos following our guidelines which the team then analyse. We feedback by returning the videos with voice over and drawn analysis, similar to a sky masterclass, and a PDF of still images of the session with further written detail of our observations. Lastly, clients are left with a ‘what to do next’ section compromising of 2 – 4 exercises to focus development.


Once completed, we can engage further for weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions. As ever, it is tailored to the player’s needs. We aim to respond with our analysed feedback within 48-hours.