cricPORT is our player portal that allows us to keep track of players throughout the year. This portal was created to be use for our eCOACH clients but following successful trials, we are now integrating it in to all our individual client lessons too and I believe we stumbled upon a real coaching nugget.


The portal can be tailored to specific clients and shared with more than one person. e.g. Clients we see for individual coaching lessons can share their access to their master in charge at their School and their Club Head coach. This should help foster a collective coaching experience for the players and help with stopping any coaches giving contradicting advice.


The platform will allow players to upload videos of their sessions which are not at the Academy. These can include match highlight videos, training videos, stats, pdf, jpegs and any other normal files. This helps our coaches maintain an eye on their progress as well as giving us concrete indications of what we need to focus on next. It will also help map their progression.


Far too often individual lessons are taking place around the county (country) and coaches take it as face value on how good the clients are or not and work on what they see in front of them. This is very naive when we talk about ‘true’ development and cricPORT will hopefully allow us to take a far more holistic approach.


Equally, the vast majority of coaches share videos with clients on WhatsApp, or similar, and the odd one through google classroom, drive etc. They leave lessons walking away with having had a quick chat with clients and then move on. There is no accountability taken by the coach and its pot luck whether their development follows a steady, progressive graph or is a jumble of spikes and areas worked on.


Our individual coaching clients, who work towards the Academy batting or bowling methodology sheets, and whom receive the cricPORT system will be expected to fill in a quick cricket journal (session summary) at the end of each session and we in turn;


  • Upload their videos from the sessions (approx. five-minute worth)

  • Analyse these videos with text and/or voice overlay

  • Feedback a report form for each session with suggested focus points


The cricPORT system can be accessed through a mobile phone app and off our website. Below is a screen shot of our client dashboard at the minute.



Apart from our individual clients that access cricPORT, we can service a whole host of clubs, schools and county squads. Clients would upload their work and then engage with us in the feedback they want. That can be as simple as a platform for them to store their cricket training videos, journals etc or engaging with us and our eCOACH system.

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